Album builder is a tiny java project to generate a photo album website from folders of pictures. Sometime we got hundreds of photos from a party or a tour and want to publish them to personal website, it's really a terrible job to make thumbnails, edit htmls for them one after another. Albumbuilder helps people to do this, what you need to do is just puting the photos into some folder and telling albumbuilder where they are, it will generate the whole website automaticly. The project is based on MAVEN , but it's not a maven plugin.

The project is just launched and got a lot of things to do, but it is able to generate a qualified album site right now. Not it is host by sourceforge.net , here is the summary page provided by sourceforge. Inside this site, there is an album generated by her with which I can show my personal photos to friends. Click here or the "Open the Album" link in menu to browse it.